21x41ft Oval Supreme Winter Pool Cover – 12 Yr Warranty

$870.99 $669.99


Uniquely Designed 21×41 ft Oval Ultimate 3000 Winter Pool Cover Makes Winter Protection Easier, BetterUltimate 3000 winter cover gives you the best winter protection like a solid cover with the convenience of a mesh coverMakes removal & spring opening simpler, quicker & less costlyArmorkote™ coating repels rain water and snow melt so it drains into a narrow fine mesh panel that prevents dirt and debris from reaching your pool waterMakes piles of soaked, rotting leaves on the cover a thing of the pastEliminates need for a cover pump to remove water; saves money and maintenance timeMinimal vacuuming of dirt and silt intrusion on the pool bottom needed come spring Reinforced loops, seams and edges are double stitched for a high level of durability, reliability and protectionWinter cover is held tight to your pool?s top rail with heavy-duty rubber straps and clips for incredibly easy installation; no cables or winch to mess withThis unique design makes opening and closing your pool very easy and fast; stands up to heavy, harsh winter windsIncludes straps, clips, cover wear strips and all installation hardware


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