Aquarite Turbo Cell – T-Cell-15 Replacement Cellup to 40K Gallons

$713.70 $549.00


PRODUCES AND INJECTS CHLORINE INTO YOUR POOL AUTOMATICALLY! Enjoy clean, silky smooth water with the Hayward Swimpure chlorine generator! This chlorine generator electronically produces pure chlorine from non-iodized salt that is added to the pool water. The chlorine that is generated provides a long-lasting, measurable residual that can be tested with easy-to-use test strips. Once the chlorine has oxidized dead bacteria and algae, it is recycled back into salt — ready to be converted to chlorine again. You only need to add non-iodized salt (water softener salt) once — after that, only small amounts of salt are needed a few times a year. Comes complete with a mountable, easy-to-use control panel that features a digital salt level display, chlorine output control and an automatic super chlorinate function for shocking. The Turbo Cell chlorine generator easily plumbs in-line and includes two disconnects for easy removal. Control panel should be installed by a licensed electrician. Can be hard wired, either 120v or 240v. For Residential pools up to 40,000 gallons, and Commercial pools up to 25,000 gallons.


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