Hayward Aqua Critter Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

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CLEANS FLAT AND DISHED-OUT ABOVE-GROUND SWIMMING POOL BOTTOMS IN 2 HOURS OR LESS! The Hayward Aqua Critter is quite simply one of the most effective automatic pool cleaners available on the market today. Designed to clean flat and dished-out above ground pools in 2 hours or less, the Hayward Aqua Critter automatic pool cleaner can take a lot of the work out of pool maintenance. As a highly efficient, automatic pool cleaner the Hayward Aqua Critter for above ground pools is powered by your pool�s pump and filtration system meaning it doesn�t require a booster but will quickly and efficiently remove leaves, dirt, and other debris from your pool. Efficient, automatic pool cleaner is designed specifically for your above-ground pool. Its unique pre-programmed pattern cleans the entire pool by vacuuming up all leaves, dirt and debris. Since it works off your pools pump and filter, there are no expensive booster pumps to run. Aqua Critter can be self-installed in 10 minutes or less. Includes head, 30 ft. of hose (eight 4-ft. sections) and skimmer cone. Give yourself a vacation from the back-breaking drudgery of cleaning and let Aqua Critter automatically vacuum the pool for you! Not recommended for use on above ground pools with pumps smaller than 3/4 hp.


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