Meyco Brass Wood Deck Anchor – Replacement Part

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Brass Anchors and Flanges Securely Fasten Your Safety Cover to Your DeckBrass pool deck anchors and flanges offer a variety of ways to help keep your safety cover secure throughout the winterAnchors and flanges are available for concrete, composite and wood pool decksBrass cover anchors fit GLI solid or mesh safety covers. Threaded brass anchors are the same dimensions but with slightly different thread size. These brass anchors measure 13/16? Dia. X 1-5/8? H. Brass screws to secure flange to wood or composite deck are includedBrass anchor flanges are ideal for broom finished pool decks as the finishing process entrains some air bubbles into the concrete?s top surface layers. Make sure to use a sharp hammer drill bit when drilling for installation to prevent cracks or chips in the concrete. If chips do occur these brass escutcheon plates hide the marring for a professional, fresh lookWood deck anchors are designed to improve grip on wooden pool deck installations. The anchor?s horizontal flange spread out the tension of your safety cover, providing a safer and more secure installation. You should pre-drill the screw holes and use a Forstner bit to counter-sink these wood deck anchor flanges to be flush with your deck?s surface. Brass screws are included


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