Power Pool Water Ionizer – Complete System

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POOL WATER SANITIZED THE NATURAL WAY! Reduces chlorine usage! No irritations, no odors, no faded swimsuits! Releases a precise quantity of copper and silver ions into your pool water to kill algae, bacteria and viruses. The result is clearer, healthier and more natural pool water! Dramatically reduces red eyes, itchy skin, faded bathing suits, discolored hair and odors often associated with other pool sanitizers. Your pool water will be gentler on your skin and eyes. Will not affect your pH or total alkalinity levels. Simplifies your pool maintenance routine ? just shock your pool once a week! Low voltage control box operates at under 2 cents a day! Built in display allows you to see the pool water temperature from up to 50 feet away! Easy to install and easy to use! Plugs into a 110V power source and comes ready to install. 25 ft. power cord. Sanitizes pools up to 40,000 gallons. We recommend replacing the chamber once a year to ensure proper sanitation. TDS levels must be 1000 for Ionizer to work. Use our handy test strips to measure your TDS levels. (click on the related link below)


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