Cell Culture Plate, PS, 96 well, R


Multi-well culture plate, PS, 96 well, 85.4 × 127.6 mm, TC-treated, type R, sterile 10-6.1 / 50 / box
Cell culture plates are widely used to manipulate multiple samples in a single experiment during culture. SPL Life Sciences provides a wide range of multiwell plates, from 6 to 384 well plates, for cell culture purposes.

▪ Designed to prevent cross-contamination
▪ The interior design of the effective gas exchange cap
▪ Alphanumeric labeling
▪ Homogeneous cell culture
▪ 2 types of the bottom for 96-well plates: flat/round
▪ Compatible with HTS (High-Throughput Screening) for 96- and 384-well plates
▪ Meets USP guidelines (USP class VI test)
▪ Meets ANSI guidelines
▪ Non-pyrogenic
▪ Non-cytotoxic
▪ DNase / RNase – free
▪ Human DNA – free


External dimension (mm): 85.40 x 127.60 x 14.40

Bottom Type: Round

Well dimension (mm): 6.92 x 12.00

Growth area (cm²): 0.66

Working volume (ml): 0.20

Surface treatment: +

Sterile: +

Packing: 1/50

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