coomassie staining solution

coomassie staining solution
coomassie staining solution

Technical data: 

Coomassie R-250 and G-250 dyes are two most typical chemical types of Coomassie dyes, as disulfonated
triphenylmethane compounds. The R-250 (red-tinted) lacks two methyl teams which might be current within the G-250 (greentinted) type. The “250” initially denoted the purity of the dye.
The totally different colors are a results of the totally different charged states of the dye molecule.
At a pH of lower than Zero the G250 dye caries all three nitrogen atoms with a optimistic cost, it has a purple color with an
absorption most at a wavelength of 465 nm. At a pH of round 1 the dye bears an general cost of +1 (the two
sulfonic acid teams are negatively cost, due to theirextremely low pKa), so the dye is inexperienced with an absorption
most at 620 nm whereas above pH 2 the dye is brilliant blue with a most at 595 nm. At pH 7 the nitrogen atom of the diphenylamine moiety carries a optimistic cost, with an general cost of −1, and the dye has an extinction
coefficient of 43 000 M−1 cm−1
The dye interacts electrostatically with the amino and carboxyl teams of proteins (noncovalently), so from primarily fundamental
aminoacids (arginine principally, lysine, histidine). Hydrophobic interactions are additionally considerably concerned. (phenylalanine,
tyrosine, tryptophane).
When dissolved in 0.01M citrate buffer at pH 3.0, Coomassie has an absorption most at 555nm; protein-dye
complicated is characterised by a peak barely broader than that of the free dye with a most at 549nm. Therefore, certain
and unbound dye will be distinguished (precept of Bradford assay).
Sometimes Coomassie gel stains and protein Bradford-type assay reagents are formulated as very acidic options in 25 to
50% methanol. In acidic situations, the dye binds to proteins primarily by fundamental amino acids (primarily arginine, lysine and histidine), whereas the formation of the complicated stabilizes the negatively charged anionic type of the dye producing the blue color. The variety of Coomassie dye ligands certain to every protein molecule is roughly proportional to the variety of optimistic fees discovered on the protein. Protein-binding causes the dye to alter from reddish-brown to brilliant blue (absorption most equals 595nm).

The aqueous-solubility of the G-250 dye is taken to good account in protocols of colloidal Coomassie staining.
There’s an interference from SDS detergent, particularly with G250 dye (see various BC protein Assay for assaying
proteins with SDS).

coomassie staining solution
coomassie staining resolution

Coomassie Sensible Blue staining resolution

Dissolve 1 g of Coomassie Sensible Blue (Bio-Rad) in 1 liter of the next resolution:

Methanol (50% [v/v])

Glacial acetic acid (10% [v/v])

H2O (40%)

Stir the answer for 3-Four hours after which filter by Whatman filter paper. Retailer at room temperature.


Reagent Amount (for 100 mL) Ultimate focus
Coomassie Sensible Blue R-250  0.05 g   0.05%
Methanol  50 mL 50% (v/v)
Glacial acetic acid  10 mL 10% (v/v)
H2O to 100 mL
Dissolve the Coomassie Sensible Blue R-250 dye, after which filter by a Whatman No. 1 filter to take away any particulate matter. May be saved at room temperature.


SDS-Blue™ - Coomassie based solution for protein staining in SDS-PAGE

  • EUR 144.00
  • EUR 96.00
  • 1L
  • 500mL
Description: SDS-Blue™ is an innovative patented formula, based on Coomassie blue, that comes in a convenient ready to use format for staining proteins in SDS-PAGE (sodium dodecyl sulphate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). The formulation of SDS-Blue™ provides numerous advantages compared to the classic Coomassie staining or to other similar protein stains. SDS-Blue™ provides higher sensitivity, virtually no background and eliminates the need for destaining of the gel due to its high specificity and affinity to bind to protein only. Not only does SDS-Blue™ yield clear and sharp bands, but it also contains no methanol and acetic acid, making it non-hazardous, safe to handle and friendly to the environment when disposed of. Two other advantages that make SDS-Blue™ the better option is that it is not light sensitive and can be stored at ambient temperature for 24 months. And this provides a considerable convenience, especially to laboratories that need and keep big amount of protein staining solutions – no more jammed refrigerators, you can keep SDS-Blue™ wherever it is most convenient for You!

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SDS-PAGE Staining Solution

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SuperPower (TM) Stain Tablet, Fast Staining Coomassie G-250

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Coomassie Brilliant Blue G250

abx090654-5g 5 g
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Coomassie Brilliant Blue R250

abx090655-5g 5 g
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Coomassie brilliant blue R-250

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Coomassie brilliant blue G-250

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Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250

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Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250

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Coomassie Brilliant Blue R-250

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Coomassie brilliant blue R-250

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Coomassie brilliant blue G-250

  • EUR 276.00
  • EUR 226.80
  • 25 g
  • 5 g



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