histofine simple stain mouse max po

histofine simple stain
histofine simple stain

Easy Staining Process: Histofine One-Step Polymer Detection System

Histofine Easy Stain MAX PO is a detection reagent designed particularly to permit immunohistochemical staining on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human tissue sections. It’s the labeled polymer ready by combining amino acid polymers with peroxidase (PO) and secondary antibody which is decreased to Fab’ fragment. To remove background staining, solid-phase absorption of secondary antibody is carried out with human serum.


Product Cat.No. Storage PKG Dimension Worth(US$)
Histofine DAB-3S Package (for Peroxidase) 415192F 4°C 500 exams 105.00 Purchase
Histofine DAB-3S Package (for Peroxidase) 415194F 4°C 1500 exams 150.00 Purchase
Histofine DAB-2V Package (for Peroxidase) 425312F 4°C 500 exams 120.00 Purchase
Histofine DAB-2V Package (for Peroxidase) 425314F 4°C 1500 exams 190.00 Purchase
Histofine Easy Stain AEC Resolution (for Peroxidase) 415182F 4°C 500 exams 140.00 Purchase
Histofine Easy Stain AEC Resolution (for Peroxidase) 415184F 4°C 1500 exams 290.00 Purchase
Histofine New Fuchsin Substrate Package (for Alkaline phosphatase) 415161F 4°C 2000 exams 200.00


blue gene antibody
blue gene antibody


We outlined the staining applicability of Histofine MOUSESTAIN, Mouse MAX-PO and Rat MAX-PO for fastened frozen and recent frozen tissue sections moreover paraffin embedded tissue sections. Two various kinds of cool air dried tissue sections, recent frozen tissues and glued frozen tissues of nine-week outdated Slc: ICR mouse and nine-week outdated Slc: SD rat, had been ready for immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining in accordance with standard technique.

Further two steps of 1 and a couple of to our really useful process for paraffin embedded tissue sections had been examined as follows:

STEP 1: Alter response time of polymer; STEP 2: Add 0.2% of glutaraldehyde (GA) answer earlier than the STEP 1, when background staining remains to be noticed by STEP 1. The steps 1 and a couple of resulted in elimination of background staining of most Histofine collection. Subsequently, polymer detection techniques, Histofine collection, are relevant for IHC staining of two various kinds of frozen tissue sections in addition to paraffin embedded tissue sections.


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